Monday, December 30, 2013

Range for Change

As this year comes to a close, I decided that it was time for a change. My life has been changing rapidly lately and I wanted my outward appearance to reflect that. One of my favorite broadway shows (that happens to be closed now), Legally Blonde, had a statement that states that love is the reason behind all "bad" hair decisions. Well, I would say that when applying those words to my life, it would be said more like… Love is the reason behind all FABULOUS hair decisions. I am in love with my life so what did I do, I made a FABULOUS hair decision. 

What is there not to love about life? There are so many opportunities awaiting. I live in paradise, am so blessed, have a fantastic family, the best friends and am surrounded by beauty everywhere I go. I have been given the opportunity to learn a new language and live abroad for 18 months in the beautiful country of Argentina as I share my beliefs with others. I have been given so many talents and I feel as if I can do whatever I put my mind to. This year has been full of changes, but with each change brought new experiences and memories that I will treasure for ever. 

So if you haven't noticed, I am no longer the cliche hawaiian blonde babe. Back to the natural color for this island chick and I am adoring this change. I have always been one who accepts change and welcomes it with open arms. I guess that is why I have had every hair color in the book and change my wardrobe every few months. I am the type of person who is never content and I believe that allows this life to be far more interesting. Who wants to do the same thing every single day of their life? Not me, the Retro Girl loves an adventure and this new "do" added some adventure to my look.

As the New Year approaches, I think of the new changes I want to make this year, what dreams I want to accomplish, goals I want to set, people I want to meet, places I want to see, and the life I want to live. I feel that by setting goals and having this visions of life in your mind, one is able to truly grow. I have always been a dreamer. I have dreamed of my design studio above Park Avenue where I will someday make some of the most beautiful dresses the world has ever seen, but for now, I have to take the baby steps towards this goal and my style diaries this week, sum up my enthusiasm for my future. I am a girl who wants to stand out, just as this look stands out. My future is bright and exotic, because I believe that it is. Believing in yourself is all that it takes.

This look consists of:
H&M White Sequin Collared Blouse
Ann Taylor Leopard Blazer
Ann Taylor Orange Cords 
Ann Taylor Brown Wedge Boots
Coach Eggplant Bag
Betsey Johnson Leopard Ring

Here is to the final days of 2013! Make them the best you can and go out with a bang!

Till Next Time My Pretties! 
-The "Brown Haired" Retro Girl 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Retro Heads To The South, of America That Is

Well followers, I have HUGE news! I recently turned in my paperwork to become a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. By doing this, I committed to serving ANYWHERE in the world. I waited for 13 dreadful days for the white envelope to come in the mail which would tell me where I am headed, what I am speaking and when I would be leaving. 

Well, on Thursday, December 26th, the envelope arrived. 

I waited for four long hours (I do not have the greatest patience) for my family and friends to arrive and I stood front and center ready to open the envelope that contained my fait for the next 18 months. 

I picked up the envelope, ripped it open, and read:

Dear Sister Root, 
You are here by called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission. You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday May 7th, 2014. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language!

I was ecstatic  Of course I dreamed of heading to Europe or New York City, but nothing ever felt so right. I knew that Argentina was exactly where I was supposed to be. Although it will be far less than the glam future that I envision New York City or Paris eventually will bring me, I know that by devoting 18 months to service I will feel more fabulous than ever. I feel that by giving myself up to my Heavenly Father in May for this short time, I will find myself and be ready to take on my dreams in the city and be ready to make my impact on the fashion industry as I envision myself doing. Being young is  a beautiful thing. I am so lucky to be able to put everything behind me and serve. Once I am settled with a career and family, I will never be able to do something like this. This is me fulfilling my bucket list and living my life to the fullest because you will never get these youthful years back. 

I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve the people in Buenos Aires and I know that somewhere out there, there is someone who is going to need my help there. I am so excited to serve and am counting down the days till May! If you have any questions about what I will be doing or my religion feel free to email me at or check out!

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

Monday, December 23, 2013

"Fur"vently Festive

 Countdown to Christmas is down to two small days! Where has the year gone? I feel like Christmas should be in a few months, not a few days. But ready or not, here it comes. As I sit here, sipping my eggnog in my Christmas jammies, I realize that being home has inspired me to try all the winter trends that I have been experiencing withdrawals from while abiding in paradise. 
My fur vest happened to be number two on my list. First comes leather, second comes fur, and third comes... [insert every other winter trend here]. 

I wanted to make this outfit be festive, yet not the cliche "I Am Going To A Holiday Party" look. I chose to use my Banana Republic Red and Cream Striped Blouse with neckline detail as the foundation for this piece. I then added my High Waist Banana Republic Dark Straight Jeans, and topped the look off with my Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest. I wore Sperry's as my shoes and I loved this look. I feel like it was the perfect balance between casual and festive. I mean we still have two days till Christmas, we cannot break out the Santa Sweaters quite yet right?!

This fur vest actually has a story to it which symbolizes me as woman. My senior year of high school, I bought this vest and I was SO excited to wear it. To this day I can remember the first time I sported it to my small, narrow-minded, fashion absent, high school. I was wearing orange cord jeans from Ann Taylor, an H&M cream blouse, my Betsey Johnson combat boots, and this vest. I was so proud of this outfit and I loved it. When I reached school that day, the looks that I received were far from loving. Students and teachers alike gave me the rudest looks and the snottiest comments. Everyone hated it but I did not care. I was one of the only girls in my high school who loved fashion and everyone knew it. I was the weird girl who dressed "funny" everyday, but that never stopped me. I wore this vest all the time and I could care less what anyone had to say about it. I loved it, and that was all that mattered. I used to always tell myself when I would get strange looks for my outfits, "Someday, you'll wear this in New York and everyone will love you." Oh wait, I still do tell myself this. I guess some things never change! I cannot wait for the day when New York will FINALLY have me to love unconditionally.

 What I learned from this vest, teaches me just what kind of person I want to be. I could care less what people think about me, my life, my choices, and mostly, my style. Fashion is my safe haven. It is where my calling is and although many people believe that my dream to be a couture designer is out of reach, I could care less because I know that I can do it. And that is what makes me different. I believe that I can be exactly what and who I want to be. I also believe that everyone should try and be different and do all those things that they have always wanted to do because if you don't do them, who will?

It is scary to think that yet another year is coming to a close. I am so thankful that I get to spend time with my family and friends during this beloved time. I am so grateful for my love for fashion and for all of you, precious followers. You always listen to my rants on latest trends, styles, and most importantly life. Fashion is life. I show who I am through my style and once an individual can tie together their style and their personality, that is when fashion can become a thrill like it is for me. Every outfit I wear symbolizes me in one way or another. This vest symbolizes my growth in this industry and I vow to continue growing...
 and wearing this beautiful fur of course! 

Be sure to relax and enjoy this time my festive followers! 

Holiday Cheers All Around!
Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

All Hail The Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather: The Retro Girl's favorite kind of weather. Nothing in the entire world can compare to the feeling of putting on a cozy little sweater, some lipstick, and a beanie. The moment I woke up and looked outside to find little traces of snow, I immediately ran outside like it had been my first time seeing snow. Living on a little island has its perks, but nothing will ever replace the feeling of snowflakes falling into your fingertips and dancing in its showers. Snow brings happiness and happiness equals cute style. Would you want to dress up all festive if you were not happy?? my point exactly. 
Snow=Style, end of story.

I happened to be shopping back in Honolulu a few weeks ago and I saw a look on a mannequin at J. Crew that I could not wait to try once I got home. The mannequin had a blouse with a stiff collar covered with a burgundy sweater. The sleeves were rolled up to cover the cuffs of the sweater and the collar was poking out on top. I could not get this picture out of my mind and that mannequin happened to be my muse for this outfit. 

 This look consisted of: 

American Eagle Outfitters Light Wash Denim Button Up
American Eagle Outfitters Teal Crop Sweater
Gap Black Jeggings
Betsey Johnson Black Combat Boots with Ruffle Detail
Michael Kors Statement Watch
Gap Off-White Beanie
Lancome Red Lipstick 

This look was far more edgy than how I usually style myself but it seemed to be the perfect snow day look.  

I was so happy that I was able to take the look that I saw on the mannequin at J. Crew and create it for myself using clothes that I already had. As much as I wanted to go and buy an entire new winter wardrobe to wear for my three week home visit, I knew that I needed to use my clothes that I already had. By taking your own spin on new trends, you can make any thing happen without going out and buying completely different pieces to emulate trends perfectly. There is no right and wrong when it comes to personal style. Just make it you and have fun with your wardrobe.

Being able to finally break out my FAVORITE Betsey Johnson boots and my statement Michael Kors watch brought an instant smile to my face. Those two are some of my go to pieces to jazz up any outfit. On top of that, the feeling of wearing a sweater again was beyond comparison. Snow brought me happiness and I was so happy to see a winter wonderland at last. 

Bundle Up and Find Your Sweaters My Fashion Friends!

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Cold Never Bothered Us

Well, the time finally came for the Retro Girl to head home for the holidays. As I waved my "see ya in 3  weeks" goodbyes, the anticipation to be on the mainland overcame me. Hawaii is wonderful, paradise truly, but just as Dorothy says, there is just no place like home. And this girl was finally ready to be back in Oregon. 

Coming home meant far more than just the cliche reunions and holiday get togethers, it meant it was time to be REINTRODUCED to my winter wardrobe! And to me, that was the perfect Christmas present all in itself. I was so excited to finally break out the pea coats, the scarfs, the boots, and mostly, the leather. I have always been a worshipper of leather. The moment the trend happened a few seasons ago, I jumped on the "leather bandwagon" and let's be honest, I have never really jumped off. 

This outfit was my first look, the moment I got home. I had everything planned out in my head. The way that I plan my outfits usually is, I think of my current mood and try to show my mood without saying one word. That is the purpose of fashion right? My style should be strong enough to enlighten outsiders on who I am as a person and this outfit was the perfect, " I AM HOME AND I LOVE WINTER" look. (as cliche as that is) The enthusiasm for my re-acclaimed wardrobe can be shown through my facial expressions in all the photos. To sum it up, I was just so happy to be home. There is no place quite like it.

This outfit consisted of:
H&M Maroon Leather Collar Tunic
Black Madewell Knit Leggings
Black Forever 21 Leather Jacket
H&M Mustard Infinity Scarf
American Eagle Outfitters  Grey Boots

& One Very Happy Girl

The holidays bring out a side of me that otherwise is hidden. The feeling of Christmas is one like none other. I feel so confident in my winter wardrobe and I sure have missed it. This makes me wonder why I chose to live in paradise when my favorite styles happens to be for fall/winter?! Although I will return to paradise soon enough, I am so happy to finally be breaking in my winter ensembles and to be back in my little Oregon town.

Let the Holidays Begin! 

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oxford Strolls

To college students around the world this week they speak of as, "finals week" happens to be the most stressful, brain-wrenching, and dreaded week of the ENTIRE semester. Growing up, I always heard my older siblings complain about this week and now that I have had to endure it, I now understand why it is so disliked. In preparation for this life-sucking week, my wonderful roomies and I planned of for a day in the city shopping to soothe our souls and that is where my inspiration came from this past week.

This week's style diary features my beautiful roommate, Allene Leak. As she was getting ready, I saw her outfit laying out on her bed and instantly knew that I wanted to feature her uptown/european style on The Retro Renegade. This look was the perfect ensemble for a breezy day in Honolulu. The outfit was fun and flirty and truly showed her personality. 

This look consisted of: 

H&M Printed Dress, which she bought on her adventures in London.

A Madewell Leather Bag & Belt

American Eagle Outfitters Geometric Sandals

This outfit was such a statement and I feel like it sums up the holiday spirit here in Hawaii. With the hidden red pigment in the design, it brought a touch of festive to her overall look. The holidays here are nothing like in the states but it is still its own kind of holiday spirit. She even has her toes painted to match the red! All in all, this outfit has Allene's name written all over it. 

 As I prepare to head back to the mainland (AKA LAND OF SWEATERS!), I am looking forward to truly dress in the holiday spirit. No more subtle reds and greens while wearing shorts and tankinis, time for the sweaters, boots, and scarfs! Thank you Allene for being a wonderful model & The Retro Renegade is lucky to feature your fun and unique style! 

Stay classy and very warm my precious readers.

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Fire

Here is my personal wardrobe application for a Catching Fire outfit. Anything involving Alexander McQueen and Rebecca Minkoff has me from hello. Here's to the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Catching Fire

Alexander McQueen platform sandals

Diamond jewelry

Cuff bracelet

Happy Styling! & May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor! 

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

Be a Part of The Love Club

Recently I have been having this mad obsession over Lorde. I heard her hit "Royals" months ago and of course  fell in love, but this weekend I happened to purchase her EP The Love Club, as well her new album, Pure Heroine. Let's just say, she is the inspiration to this weeks style diary and I have no regrets about that. 

This week was filled with so much driving! Although I am on a small island, you'd be amazed the miles I happened to travel this week. Whether it was a run-away morning to the fabric store in Pearl City to get the finishing touches for my latest dress creation (I will blog about that soon!!), an emergency trip to Starbucks, the Midnight premier of the Hunger Games (my life is forever change), and the necessary gelato breaks in Honolulu, I had plenty of time to soak in Lorde's new tunes while on the road.

My inspiration for this outfit came from the song "The Love Club" on her first EP. It says, "Be a part of the love club, everything will glow for you. Go get punched for the love club, for the love club" and I felt like this outfit was the perfect combination of "glow" and "punch" or my interpretation being rough and romantic. 

I chose to start my outfit with my Forever 21 Printed Pencil Skirt and add my Fushia Peplum Blouse from American Eagle Outfitters. I first added a Banana Republic Black Sweater but felt it was a little to professional looking for a Sunday Morning look and decided to add an American Eagle Outfitters Denim Jacket to create more of rough appeal. I added Black Wedges from The Loft and an Ann Taylor Navy and Gold statement necklace. I did a simple side bun and wore my square diamond earrings. 

I felt like this was the perfect Sunday outfit, although I did hate all the layers in this hot weather. It the perfect combination of romantics and roughness. The moment I got my black wedges from Loft, I  have found myself wanting to add them to every outfit and this has to be one of my favorite. (Thanks Mom, you always find the best shoes)

Who knew outfit inspiration could come from my latest album obsession?! But that is the funny thing about fashion, it is not just clothes, it is a lifestyle. The way you dress says what kind of person you are, your mood, your outlook on life, and much more. Putting my daily inspirations into my outfits has become second nature to me and I hope all can master this. Most of us do not even realize how every aspect of our lives affects our personal style. This week try and channel your inspirations into your outfits.

Look for inspiration all around and apply it to this weeks outfits. Change things up, be you, and rock that look you've been dying to try. 

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nomadic Melodies-Artist on the Rise

Chloe Bray- A college freshman who has an impeccable talent for song writing. I had the privilege of meeting Miss Bray a few summers back and she wowed me with her ability to entertain. Although the girl I witnessed on stage was a naive fifteen year old, Chloe has managed to make her dreams happen with her new EP release, Nomadic Melodies. I have followed Chloe via youtube (@CandO103) and have seen her grow and expand her music. I had the opportunity to interview Chloe and let you all get to a little about this up and coming artist.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself
A: "Im 18 years old and currently a student. My friends make fun of me cause I am listening to music almost 24/7. (mostly indie, alternative, singer songwriter, folk, some chill wave, and classics like Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday) I am very extroverted at times but also can be very introverted. I love going out with friends, playing pranks, and laughing until our stomachs hurt…but I can also sit with a good book and a cup of herbal tea for hours. I would consider myself a good cook but am a terrible baker. I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends. I am pretty free spirited but also kind of an old soul at the same time."

Q: When did you first start song writing and performing?
A: "I wrote my first song when I was 11 years old. It was by no means a super impressive song, but it was funny because my mom didn't believe that I had written it. She didn't officially believe that I had completely written a song on my own until I wrote my second song and showed her."

Q: What was your inspiration behind your recent EP Nomadic Melodies?
A: "(Don't read this mom and dad), no just kidding. Its actually a funny story. I had gotten in trouble or gotten in some argument with my parents and they had grounded me for the weekend. Thats when I wrote Nomadic Melodies. A lot of my songs have a small bit of truth or story behind them, I just greatly exaggerate events or emotions that happen in the songs to create a story. I took the emotion that I was feeling at that time, enhanced it, and ran with it to create the idea of someone that finds happiness in freedom. My parents always mess around with me like 'See! It was good that we grounded you because you wrote that song!' "

Q: If you could perform a duet with any artist, who would it be and why?
A: "Ah man, this is such a hard question to answer. Probably Matt Corby. He is such an amazing and timeless musician. The combination of his voice, lyrics, and melodies are so impressive to me. I also am a huge Sufjan Stevens fan. It would be so fun to collab with him and see what kind of stuff we could come up with. He is a prime example of someone who stays true to who they are as an artist."

Q: What is your favorite current fall trend?
A: "I love love dark maroon or plum lipsticks. It is such a fun way to make any outfit that much more dynamic."

Q: What advice would you give to young artists looking to succeed in the entertainment industry?
  A: "A lot of people think success means molding yourself to what the buyer wants, or what the label wants. If you truly stick to your style and music, people will listen. I believe that all people appreciate good music, some people just don't know how to find it. Don't think that you have to change to be successful! stay true to who you are as an artist. People will respond positively."

Q: What lead you to the success you are now receiving with your recent EP release?
A: "It is seriously so humbling to see the response that I have had, because I really didn't know what to expect with the release of my first EP. I have to first and foremost contribute a majority of the success to all of my YouTube channel viewers. They are seriously so awesome and have been following since day 1 when I was a little awkward 13 year old. Also, Instagram has been a great way to get the word out that I released it. ( @chloe_bray_ ). I think that people like songs that they can relate to. A lot of my songs have room for interpretation, so people can find a little bit of themselves in each song."

Q: When did your career really start to take off and lead you to the release of this EP? What moment changed everything?
A: "Coming to college, everyone starts figuring out what they want to do for a career and starts working toward that. I had put off actively working on a career in music because I felt that I wouldn't be taken as seriously as a songwriter if I was a young teenager. Also, it has been a process really finding who I am, and what my style is as an artist. It has definitely changed over the years as I have gotten older.  I feel like I have reached that point where I have found my identity as an artist and am ready to pursue it! As I see everyone around me beginning to work towards a career I have really felt that fueling desire to start getting things going with my music and trying to expand my experience as a songwriter."

It has been such a pleasure to know Chloe and I hope you all can check out her new EP release on iTunes, Nomadic Melodies.

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl