Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oxford Strolls

To college students around the world this week they speak of as, "finals week" happens to be the most stressful, brain-wrenching, and dreaded week of the ENTIRE semester. Growing up, I always heard my older siblings complain about this week and now that I have had to endure it, I now understand why it is so disliked. In preparation for this life-sucking week, my wonderful roomies and I planned of for a day in the city shopping to soothe our souls and that is where my inspiration came from this past week.

This week's style diary features my beautiful roommate, Allene Leak. As she was getting ready, I saw her outfit laying out on her bed and instantly knew that I wanted to feature her uptown/european style on The Retro Renegade. This look was the perfect ensemble for a breezy day in Honolulu. The outfit was fun and flirty and truly showed her personality. 

This look consisted of: 

H&M Printed Dress, which she bought on her adventures in London.

A Madewell Leather Bag & Belt

American Eagle Outfitters Geometric Sandals

This outfit was such a statement and I feel like it sums up the holiday spirit here in Hawaii. With the hidden red pigment in the design, it brought a touch of festive to her overall look. The holidays here are nothing like in the states but it is still its own kind of holiday spirit. She even has her toes painted to match the red! All in all, this outfit has Allene's name written all over it. 

 As I prepare to head back to the mainland (AKA LAND OF SWEATERS!), I am looking forward to truly dress in the holiday spirit. No more subtle reds and greens while wearing shorts and tankinis, time for the sweaters, boots, and scarfs! Thank you Allene for being a wonderful model & The Retro Renegade is lucky to feature your fun and unique style! 

Stay classy and very warm my precious readers.

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

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