Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School Cliché Post

As my first semester of college began today, I pondered on what on earth I wanted to wear. I wanted to make sure all who I came in contact with knew how much fashion means to me. I decided to wear a maxi dress from Pacsun with a cream eyelit cut out blouse and a denim vest. Being in Hawaii, the wearing so many layers seems to be uncommon but I instantly fell in love with the outfit and decided it would be my look. Here's to a new year and a new me! Yay for being one step closer to my career in fashion! 


-The Retro Girl 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Paradise Living

I have finally made the move to Laie, Hawaii and am all settled into my new home at BYU. After a week full of meeting new friends and getting to know the area, I was reading for a beautiful Sunday at church. As my new roommates and I began to pick out our Sunday's Best, Allene shows me her top choice, a spring piece from Anthropology. Immedietely we all knew, that was the one! 

The lightweight maxi was perfect for the beautiful breezy day in paradise. She paired it with a simple white cardigan and brown flats. 

This outfit was the perfect piece for a first sunday statement look. No one could miss this beautiful detailed gown and not to mention, it was extremely comfortable as well as stylish. What more can a girl as for other than comfort and style in one??

Now it was my turn. Being the fashionista I am, I knew I had to find the perfect outfit to make my first impression and I knew just the dress. As a going away gift, my little sisters bought me this red cap sleeve fitted dress from Banana Republic which fit me like a glove. 

I decided that this dress would be my outfit of choice and I paired it with an Orange Printed Scarf from Banana Republic as well. I wore black gladiator sandals as my footwear and felt so confident on my first sunday in Laie. Just like this dress was a new addition to my wardrobe, this chapter of my life is a new addition to me. I cannot wait to further my adventure at BYU and continue to make my name in the fashion industry. 


-The Retro Girl