About Me

My name is Sheyanne Root and I am a Freshman at BYU Hawaii studying Graphic Design. I was raised in a small town in Eastern Oregon where fashion was the last thing on everyone's mind. I was the weird girl who wore the fur vests, printed pants, and far to much lipstick. She was MIA during NYFW and spent her free period sewing or sketching dresses in the library. Now, I have moved forward to a new stage and although I am currently living in a beautiful paradise, I know there are bigger plans for me in this world. I dream of runway shows, vogue editing, Fifth Avenue on a snowy morning, and Oscar de la Renta wearing at the gala. Soon I will make my way to New York City and will start my future in fashion. I believe I can make a difference in the fashion industry with my unique perspective on life. I believe that a woman should respect herself, be powerful, but most importantly, be her. While I express my outlook on fashion, I hope to lift other's to express theres'. Fashion is my way of life; Never before have I been so passionate about something and I hope I can inspire you to live that dream where everyone tells you that you can't, because in reality, you can. Everyone told me that I would never make it, but look at me go.

My name is Sheyanne, and I am proud to own the name, The Retro Girl.

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