Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Cold Never Bothered Us

Well, the time finally came for the Retro Girl to head home for the holidays. As I waved my "see ya in 3  weeks" goodbyes, the anticipation to be on the mainland overcame me. Hawaii is wonderful, paradise truly, but just as Dorothy says, there is just no place like home. And this girl was finally ready to be back in Oregon. 

Coming home meant far more than just the cliche reunions and holiday get togethers, it meant it was time to be REINTRODUCED to my winter wardrobe! And to me, that was the perfect Christmas present all in itself. I was so excited to finally break out the pea coats, the scarfs, the boots, and mostly, the leather. I have always been a worshipper of leather. The moment the trend happened a few seasons ago, I jumped on the "leather bandwagon" and let's be honest, I have never really jumped off. 

This outfit was my first look, the moment I got home. I had everything planned out in my head. The way that I plan my outfits usually is, I think of my current mood and try to show my mood without saying one word. That is the purpose of fashion right? My style should be strong enough to enlighten outsiders on who I am as a person and this outfit was the perfect, " I AM HOME AND I LOVE WINTER" look. (as cliche as that is) The enthusiasm for my re-acclaimed wardrobe can be shown through my facial expressions in all the photos. To sum it up, I was just so happy to be home. There is no place quite like it.

This outfit consisted of:
H&M Maroon Leather Collar Tunic
Black Madewell Knit Leggings
Black Forever 21 Leather Jacket
H&M Mustard Infinity Scarf
American Eagle Outfitters  Grey Boots

& One Very Happy Girl

The holidays bring out a side of me that otherwise is hidden. The feeling of Christmas is one like none other. I feel so confident in my winter wardrobe and I sure have missed it. This makes me wonder why I chose to live in paradise when my favorite styles happens to be for fall/winter?! Although I will return to paradise soon enough, I am so happy to finally be breaking in my winter ensembles and to be back in my little Oregon town.

Let the Holidays Begin! 

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 

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  1. Very cute! I love the color combo!