Thursday, February 6, 2014

Retro Girl Starts a JamBash!

Hello precious followers! I apologize for the lack of updates lately. This semester has been challenging and quite time consuming, but I am back and come bearing great news. I am hosting an online Jamberry Nails Party on Facebook! If any of you are asking, "What is Jamberry Nails?" prepare yourself because I am about to seriously enlighten you. 


I knew nothing of this product a few months ago until my sister started being a sales rep for them. She sent me some samples and I instantly loved them. The product is a nail wrap that takes the place of patiently painting each and every nail. All you do is take it out of the package, heat, apply, and file. No drying time! I got a full set of white nails with navy stripes and red anchors. This was totally not something I would pick out on my own, but I LOVED them. It takes me forever to put on nail polish and it always chips off but Jam Nail wraps do not have this problem. You can wear fingernail wraps for two weeks and toe wraps for SIX weeks without chips. 

When you are ready to SHOP follow these steps:

1. head over to this web address: pick out the wraps you can't live without and add em' to your cart (don't forget - if you buy three, you get one free!)
3. at checkout - make sure to pick "Sheyanne Lyn's Online JamBASH"
4. sit back, relax, and wait for them to arrive. you can fill this time by thinking about all the compliments you are about to be showered with.

The party ends on February 18th so hurry and order today. I promise you will not be disappointed. And let's be real, would The Retro Girl ever recommend something if it wasn't completely fabulous?? NO WAY! If you are wanting samples, send an email to and I will hook you up! Take my advice and order today! 

Till next time!
-The Retro Girl 

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  1. Sheyanne, great nail post! I just found you via the Lucky site. Our nail how-to's are featured next to each other on Lucky community's homepage. : ) Nice blog. Following you now : )

    x, Mary