Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Week Styles

As some of my favorite blogs are posting live updates from MBFW, I cannot help but wonder what I would be wearing if I happened to find myself in New York during this magical week. Of course someday VERY soon, I will be making my appearances at the Lincoln Center but for now, I will create pretend styles on what I WOULD wear if I was attending these wonderful shows. 

Here are the top three looks that the Retro Girl would be sporting if she found herself in the Big Apple this week. Comment and let me know which ones are your favorites! 

Fashion week look #1

$1,140 -

$210 -

$74 -

$36 -

Fashion Week Look #2
$62 -

MB Fashion Week #3

$54 -

Let me know which you would wear to fashion week. Create your own sets and share them with me at (maybe I will even feature your look!)

I hope you are all enjoying fashion week. I have been taking loads of notes for my upcoming trends forecast post. Keep your eyes out for what the Retro Girl thinks Fall has in store for us! 

Have a fashionable week!

Till Next Time
-The Retro Girl 


  1. love all 3 looks.


  2. I want those black pants! Course I think I'd roast out here in Hawaii yeah? Great job girl! :)

  3. OK, I completely love all these sets. I love florals with an edge and the first set is what is all about. Lovely set. From the last set, I have the yellow sweatshirt from H&M, cat eye sunglasses, similar hats and shoes, so I think I will be able to recreate this with any full black skirt. I love it.
    I saw your post on Luckycontributors under my post, so I had to visit. I all follow you in Bloglovin.