Monday, February 10, 2014

Mild Midis

Happy Fashion Week my fashionistas! This week I have been avoiding homework like the plague and have been glued to my laptop watching the live stream of fashion week in my not so fashionable dorm room. This week always makes me so homesick for the city. I just cannot wait to call it home someday soon. On the contrary to my homesickness, I am feeling so inspired and I cannot wait for my upcoming post about my Fall 2014 trend report! ITS THE MOST FASHIONABLE TIME OF THE YEAR!

Lately, I have been so into the midi skirt look. They are so old school and I love it! A few weeks ago, I happened to find myself on Urban's website, and found this beauty for only $9! I was SOO excited (it is the little things that mean the most to broke college students) so I immediately bought this and the Bella ring featured in my last blog post. I mean they were practically paying me to shop right?! I can never resist a sale. 

I felt like the back of this dress was the perfect mix up. The little peek-a-boo sloped back added such a romantic, while edgy touch. In spite of my doubts, the horizontal stripes were not overwhelming and I adored the way that I looked in this new treasure. This dress is one that you can dress up or play down. My look was so simple and chic. I put little effort into the accessories and it still looked so put together. 

This style diary consists of:
Urban Outfitters Striped Midi
Asos tribal earrings
Michael Kors Watch
H&M Cateye Sunnies
MAC Date Night Lipstick 
H&M Tribal Headband
American Eagle Silver Sandals 

This outfit made me feel so Retro and I loved it. Wearing this to class makes the endless lectures manageable. Seeing that Hawaii is five hours behind New York, the majority of the shows started around 4 AM and I had the hardest time enduring my morning classes knowing that I was missing my favorite designers shows. NewYork Fashion week is by far the best bi-annual week of the year! And the best part is, after NY Fashion Week, the fashion weeks begin all over the world. Its more of a fashion month(s) and I LOVE IT. 

This watch carries a special place in my heart during this time of year. Two years ago I was in the city and happened to purchase this watch right after meeting Michael Kors. It was such a wonderful experience and I adore remembering it. I cannot wait till it is my turn to have my show during this fabulous week. I cannot wait to inspire others and be the OFFICIAL trend setter. I hope that some college girl is sitting in her dorm room waiting for MY show to come on just as I was doing for Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Alexander Wang, Erin Fetherson, Tome, and Tadashi Shoji. (Plus, the millions more of my favorite designers) I just cannot wait to design. 

So Fashionistas, take no shame in the lounging this week/month, be updated on the trends and BE INSPIRED. Set your trends, own your style, and by the fabulous fashionista I know that you are!

Till Next Time! 
-The Retro Girl 

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  1. Love the outfit! Simple but packs a big fashionable punch :)

    xx, TT