Monday, October 28, 2013

Flyin' High, Living Free

This past weekend I was presented with the opportunity to go skydiving. It took me about ummm... .000689 seconds to decide, OF COURSE I WOULD GO! Skydiving has always been a dream, something I always said I would do, but I pictured me being that 80 year old woman who left the nursing home to do something as stupid as jump out of an airplane. I took the chance and showed up right outside Haliewa on an early Saturday morning to take an airplane ride and fulfill an item on my bucket list.

As the morning approached, it felt like a typical Saturday. I was not nervous, or anxious, or anything. I felt nothing. Once I pulled into the parking out, let's just say my approach slightly changed. I saw dozens of people slowly floating down from the sky and making graceful (as well as not so graceful) landings. Then, I hear "Sheyanne Root" on the intercom. It was my turn. I get a red harness (while everyone else got black, they must have known that I was a fashion guru). Before I knew it, I was seated on an airplane, strapped to a man I had just met, and flying through the air. I had been on many airplane rides in my life, but this was the first where I would be the one landing, not the plane. My heart was being 10,000 mile an hour.

My instructor scooted us towards the door as I watched 4 other men jump out ahead of me. Shaun then told me a few key points, and before I knew it, I had just leaped from an airplane, was staring at the beautiful island of Oahu and the Pacific Ocean, and free falling through the air. Yes, I did have time to sing to myself, "I'm freeeeeee, freefallin" Don't judge me, I love my John Mayer. I am not quite sure how long I was free falling but honestly, it was a feeling unlike any other. Being completely free, having the best view on earth, and experiencing the greatest adrenaline rush I have ever felt. This was living. 

Suddenly, the parachute flew into the air and my free falling days were over. The moment I landed, I asked my instructor if we could go again. If you have never wen't skydiving, GO! It is the best feeling! 
As cliche as it sounds, after I landed I felt like I could do anything. I mean I just had survived jumping out of an airplane, where was Mount Everest and the pod of mermaids that I KNOW are in the ocean?? I felt like I was on top of the world. The term cloud nine is a literal thing. I must have landed on it upon my graceful fall down from the sky, right? (Just kidding, I totally tripped when I landed and let my clumsy self free)

This happened to be the first item I crossed off my newly published bucket list and I cannot wait to accomplish the many more items on my list. Day by day, I become a little closer to seeing all of the world and being the woman I have always wanted to be. 

 "If You Surrender To the Wind, You Can Ride It" - Toni Morrison

Till Next Time!
-The Retro Girl 


  1. This is so totally freaking awesome, you are my hero!! :) I'm motivated, I'm putting this on my to do list for next year!! Are you going to go again??? :)

  2. this is awesome!! Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing


  3. Oh my goodness! You are so brave :) it looks like so much fun!