Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall without the Fall

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Whether it was the outbreak of my sweaters, change of colors on the trees, or the overdose of hot cocoa- Fall had it all. As I have continued to adjust to my new life in Hawaii, the absence of Fall has actually been an adjustment for me. I have found myself heading to Starbucks (just to get my White Chocolate Pumpkin to feel like it truly is October) and have managed to decorate the dorm room with my witches and ghosts(although I SWORE I would never decorate like my mother!) All week I have tried to incorporate Fall color schemes and trends into my paradise wardrobe and this look happens to be just one of my favorites. 

Although it looks like this if FAR from a Hawaiian outfit, this look actually was the perfect combination for an overcast, cool day in Laie. It felt so refreshing to finally wear a sweater and take my interpretation of a Fall look on a island that somehow survives without this season we all know as "Fall"

This outfit consisted of:
-H&M Button up sleeveless blouse
-Forever 21 Mustard Sweater
-Forever 21 Abstract Snake Skin Pencil Skirt
-H&M Clutch 
-Juicy Couture Statement Watch
-Loft Gold Bracelet
-Loft Black Wedges

This entire outfit is one that a broke little college girl can afford to buy while sticking to her budget. Although everyone loves the Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada's of the world, fashion does not just come from the label. Anyone can make a statement in any outfit. Explore fall trends and try them out- Whatever your weather condition-Sun or Snow, let the Fall trends begin! 

Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!

-The Retro Girl

*sweater creds to the one and only, Allene Marie Leak! 

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