Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Plum Paradise

As Sunday morning came around, I laid in bed and pondered on just what I wanted to wear. I thought of my many outfit possibilities but then I remembered I had just purchases new lipstick! I was so excited to wear this new shade that I based my entire outfit around my Plum Paradise lip color. 

I decided to go with a Shabby Apple giraffe print dress. Many think this is a skirt but it is actually a dress and it is so comfortable. It slims you in all the right places and gives you the perfect amount of confidence.

I chose to pair my Shabby Apple color block heels with this dress. Although the pink heel didn't exactly fit in my color scheme I loved the way this looked. I adore pairing different color shades in one look. At times it can be overwhelming but I feel this flowed very well.

A few years ago I purchased a Coach purse from the Fall 2011 collection. This bag is my baby! I treat it just like a child and it just happened to match my new shade of lipstick just perfectly.  

This look was my definition of a "Sundays Best" look. I felt so sophisticated yet still had a fun and wild side with my giraffe print and color pop in my shoes. This outfit will go down as one of my favorites and I do not regret making my new favorite lip color the center of this uptown look.


-The Retro Girl 

Friday, August 16, 2013

You In Those Little High Waisted Shorts

Ever since the high waisted shorts trend started last summer, I fell in love but I could never find the perfect pair. My best friend and I searched goodwill old jean selection to attempt at our own DIY high waisted shorts but I happened to come across these at American Eagle Outfitters before I had a chance to make my own. I instantly fell in love! 

The fit was perfect and I loved how comfortable these shorts are! For years I would make fun of women who would wear high waisted jeans and refer to them as "Mom Jeans" but now I am the proud owner of "Mom Shorts" and I couldn't be happier! 

The shirt I am wearing is from Forever 21. It's a floral print high low blouse and perfect for spicing up any summer outfit! 
I also added a white bow headband from Rue 21 and brown Ray-Bans. 

These shorts are the perfect summer essential! But I cannot wait to attempt my own pair. I'm thinking about adding some studs on the front pockets and bleaching the bottoms to make an ombre effect. 

As I prepare to move to Hawaii, this outfit seems like the perfect look for just a day around the island. This look is so relaxed and has the perfect beachy feel. 

My sandals are from old navy and although they aren't the most comfortable shoes I own, I love the look so I suffer the pain. Beauty is pain right? And these sandals are sure beautiful! 

Hope your having a fantastic week! 

-The Retro Girl 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summertime Not-So-Much Sadness

After spending a chilly weekend on the Oregon Coast, I came home to my newest swimsuit addition which I purchased off a hand-made clothing boutique on Etsy. I am a huge fan of the retro bikini & could not wait to buy one! 

I am completely satisfied with my purchase and after trying it on, I am more in love with this old-school look! Who said a modest bikini couldn't be sexy! This suit is beyond flattering and could give any woman the perfect confidence for a day at the beach. 

Have a wonderful day!

-The Retro Girl

Monday, August 5, 2013

Newly Renovated and Ready to Roll

Bonjour fellow fashionistas!
     My name is Sheyanne and I have been a blogger for CountryChicSheyanne for nearly 4 years now. This blog was just basically the average teenagers attempt at the blogging world involving simple style shanagins and dresses I was coveting over. I decided that it was time for a fresh new start, simply because I am a fresh new me.
   I graduated high school in the fall and am preparing to leave for college at BYU-H in a few short weeks. Not only has my fashion sense altered but my look on life has as well. I decided it was time to say ta-ta to the old high school blog and begin a new with a new direction and style diaries.
   I plan this blog to be very Sheyanne. I will inspire others through my OOTD ( outfits of the day), designer looks that are totally in, music which speaks to me, accessories I swear by, and photographs that scream a thousand words. My life is very spontaneous and I plan this blog to be as well. I hope I can inspire you & bring a touch of retro into the classic lives we all live.

Till the next post!


-The Retro Girl