Monday, August 5, 2013

Newly Renovated and Ready to Roll

Bonjour fellow fashionistas!
     My name is Sheyanne and I have been a blogger for CountryChicSheyanne for nearly 4 years now. This blog was just basically the average teenagers attempt at the blogging world involving simple style shanagins and dresses I was coveting over. I decided that it was time for a fresh new start, simply because I am a fresh new me.
   I graduated high school in the fall and am preparing to leave for college at BYU-H in a few short weeks. Not only has my fashion sense altered but my look on life has as well. I decided it was time to say ta-ta to the old high school blog and begin a new with a new direction and style diaries.
   I plan this blog to be very Sheyanne. I will inspire others through my OOTD ( outfits of the day), designer looks that are totally in, music which speaks to me, accessories I swear by, and photographs that scream a thousand words. My life is very spontaneous and I plan this blog to be as well. I hope I can inspire you & bring a touch of retro into the classic lives we all live.

Till the next post!


-The Retro Girl

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